Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gray hair and a bad economy

I have a lot of gray hair. I especially have a lot of gray hair for a 27 year old. It has sprung up on the crown of my head this past year with vigor. And I'm a little upset about it.

I'm also a little unnerved by the current state of our economy. I understand that the economy experiences ups and downs every few years. It's just that this is the first "down" that has hit while I was solely responsible for my household income and thus, my total well-being. I was doing ok with everything, until they announced that 10% of our company will be laid off by December 1st. And they were gracious enough to make this announcement and follow it with "but keep your chin up. We won't be letting anyone know if they are affected until at least Thanksgiving week."


So I'm off to dye my hair. I understand that to most people this might be seen as a strange solution to the whole lay off dilemma.

But by God...if my head ends up on the chopping block, at least my hair will be pretty.

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