Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Goodbye and Hello

I feel like I start a lot of blogs out this way, but this week has been weird.

First of all, I'm having cramps. Like SERIOUS, curl up in the fetal position, beg for Jesus to have mercy on your uterus kind of cramps. I haven't EVER had cramps like this. And while I'm thankful to have a working still kind of sucks. Just sayin'.

Second, my mom had to put her dog to sleep. I blogged about him a while We've seen it coming for a while now, so it wasn't a gut wrenching surprise. On Monday, I stopped by my parents' house while they were out. I had OS and E with me, and we were using their house for a quick pit stop on our Memorial Day Extravaganza. (Extravaganza meaning we drove around aimlessly and ate ice cream at Sonic.) While we were there, Bo threw up A a huge ass pile of vomit. OS quickly took E outside, and I stood there over the pile of dog puke. To be perfectly honest, I debated for a good 2 or 3 minutes about how bad of a daughter I would be if I just left the pile of vomit and acted like I had never been there. Would that make me a horrible human being? I decided that yes, it would actually make me one level below the white foam that collects in the corners of people's mouths when they need to stop talking and take a drink of water. So I grabbed some carpet cleaner and paper towels and made a "good daughter" attempt at cleaning up the vomit. If I had known that it would be Bo's last full day on earth, I might have said sweet things to him while I cleaned up the chunks instead of the gagging and "Eww, Bo! Seriously!" dialogue that actually occurred. Live and and learn.

Anyway, like I mentioned before, Bo and I weren't super close, so I'm ok with his passing. However, it does make me immensely sad for my mom, because WOW...she LOVED that dog. And it does make me incredibly sad to think of the moment that E goes looking for his furry friend and is left to wonder why his bed is no longer there....his water dish is no longer there...his friend is no longer there. And I just don't know how to make him understand. Obviously, if I was good at explaining difficult to understand concepts to my toddler, he would be pooping in the potty instead of in his pants. BUT...I suck at explaining things to my toddler....and therefore, I find myself still changing dirty diapers and at a complete loss for how to explain doggy death.



On Mother's Day I did something that I thought was very brave and mature of me. Get your "Pat Sara on the back" hand ready...because you're just gonna want to pat me after I tell you this. I reached out to "her." The Other Woman. The Woman Who is Living With My Ex Husband. The Woman Who was "THERE" Long Before She Should Have Been...and Stayed Long After I Left. The Woman Who Is Living My Old Life...with My Old Husband....In My Old House." You know....That Woman.

And that's kind of a long name for I'll blogger name her "Sasha"....mainly because that's what E calls her, because he couldn't say her name the right way when he was younger...and now that's what everyone calls her, including me.

I'll admit that over the past year and a half I've had mixed emotions for Sasha. Who wouldn't? But, contrary to what she's actually thought, she's not my least favorite person in the world. Over time, I've grown past the past, and I've ended up with a large amount of respect for this young woman who loves my son like he's her own. She's good to him. She treats him like he is a treasured part of her life. She genuinely cares about him....and for that, I will respect her. For that, I will appreciate her. For that, I am blessed.

And I felt compelled to make sure she was aware that I have no bitter blood. No ill will. No desire to be on different teams or for that matter, playing different games. I just wanted her to know that "I know." So on Mother's Day, I sent her a card...yet another card buying experience in my life that showcases the shortcomings of Hallmark. But I found a card that wasn't too cheesy....too lovey dovey....too much. And I wrote a short message that started with "Thank you" and ended with "Happy Mother's Day!"

A year ago, this would have been a futile attempt to take the high road. This wasn't so much about taking the high was more about taking a new road....a road where the past doesn't have to matter anymore...and the future....our future....mine and Sasha's... begins to intertwine in a place of acceptance....not because I want it to....not because she wants it to....but because our little boy has a right to love his mommy....and his Sasha. And because I will do whatever I can to protect the love in his heart....regardless of where it's directed.

For a couple of weeks I heard nothing from Sasha. I wasn't even really sure what she thought of my attempt at bridging this gap between us. But tonight, I feel like a new leaf is turning over. I got a text from her asking for my email address...with a smiley face on the end of it.

I don't expect us to be best friends. I'm not even sure I would want that. But I've got to say, I'm very excited about the thought of communication between us. It's a weird place to be....and a weird person to be there with....but in the words of the only Gary Allen song I've ever liked....

I'll take today, over yesterday...any day.

Goodbye, Bo. Hello, Sasha.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

And it's official....

I'm swooning. (See comments on my previous post.)

Is it possible that something like this can really be happening to me? ME? ME???? The girl who for the past 18 months has been trying for love and misfiring

every. single. time?
I guess everyone gets it right every now and then!
And by the way...OS read EVERY SINGLE BLOG POST THAT I'VE WRITTEN TO DATE. He read about all of the other guys....he read about that week where I was just absolutely insane...he read about that time that I found myself on the toilet in need of a tampon and couldn't find one because E had absconded with them. He read it all.
And he stayed put.
So if this is a dream, then drug me up right nice and say "goodnight," because I gotta say...I'm good to go.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


My computer is still acting funny, and I haven't yet enlisted the help of the professionals to figure out what's wrong with it. So I made Old School bring his computer to the house so I could blog about him. : )

I'm happy. Genuinely, calmly, happy. There's excitement, but it's not the same chaotic excitement that I have experienced in the past that meant a dangerous explosion was forthcoming. It's a kind of excitement that seems to fit nicely within the healthy boundaries of my life without making me act like I am....

A. 14


B. Crazy.

My relationship with OS is growing and developing, and regardless of the fact that it's only been a short time since he made his reappearance into my life, his presence in my life seems to

fit perfectly.

And Lord help us all....I LOVE IT.

Do you know that part in the movie "When Harry Met Sally" where Harry tells Sally at the New Year's Eve party that once you find the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible? Remember that part? I do. And for the past couple of weeks, Billy Crystal's voice has been playing over and over in my mind, and for the first time ever, I actually like hearing him talk. I get it. I understand what he's talking about. (Here's the part where my parents melt into panic puddles on the floor. I can just see it...)

Trust me when I tell you that I understand the part that logic plays in loving someone. I have been burned before by not incorporating that into my relationships. But since my divorce, the only thing I've really been able to find is logic. Everyone was a "good choice." But it always felt so something was missing.

This new relationship in my life has shown me that I haven't lost my capability to love someone, as I was beginning to fear might be true. I was afraid I was too jaded....too broken....too defective.

I'm not.
And while I'm reveling in the fact that this experience is driven by emotion more than anything I've experienced in a VERY long time, I'm trying very hard to keep a level head and make sure that this relationship makes sense. It seems to. It feels right. And I like the direction that it seems to be headed. In all honesty, I'm actually resisting the urge to give in to emotional whims that I never even knew existed.
But I'm still scared. Why is it that love arrives with fear in the passenger seat? What makes the vulnerability of loving someone such an intimidating place to reside? Half of me is ready to jump off the deep end into the depths of a relationship that has made me no promises, no safety or security to rely on....just a bunch of feelings that I didn't believe I could have again, and a longing for a life that, at this point, I can almost taste. The other half of me is being....logical. It's only been two weeks. And when I say the things out loud that I'm feeling and thinking...I can't really blame people for looking at me like I'm I'm losing I have toilet paper on the bottom of my shoe. I can't blame them...but I want to jump anyway.
I have come to a fork in the road...two paths that could make or break my attempt at loving again. One foot rests on rational. One foot rests on reckless abandon. Two very different paths that will undoubtedly provide two very different outcomes. I want both...and I want neither.
Because somewhere along the way, I've learned that it's the small plot of land between the two where love resides...where love makes sense....where love grows steadily.......
where love becomes worth the risk.
And as luck would have it, these days, I'm a risk taker.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Just computer is giving me fits again.

And yes, my wireless card is pushed ALL THE WAY IN.

It may have something to do with E standing on it....or possibly because it went clattering to the floor the other day.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just. Don't. Understand.

This week, a friend of mine from high school took his own life.

Before you feel sorry for me, I should let you know that I hadn't spoken to this person in probably 10 years. We stopped being friends when he graduated high school, and we really weren't close enough to keep in touch after that. So this really isn't a "whoa is me" kind of post.

This friend, however, was someone that I was in the same circle with in school. He was older than me, but he dated my best friend for a good while, and therefore I spent a fair amount of time with him. We were all in band together, and while this wasn't necessarily the coolest place to be in high school, it created a circle of friends that, through thick and thin, seem to remain bonded regardless of time or distance. I mean, seriously, once you've changed clothes on a charter bus in the middle of the night at a truck stop in Georgia with your entire circle of friends also in various stages of're lifers. I would bet my right pinkie toenail that there's not a single person that went through that particular program that doesn't have a hodge podge of stories that start with the phrase "We were on the band bus..."

It wasn't the cool crowd....but it was more fun being on the inside than any of the outsiders would EVER have known. And even with all of the drama that found its way into our little community, everyone managed to retain a form of kinship to their fellow band geeks that never seems to go away.

And when something happens to a member of the group, the band geeks seem to come out of the woodwork. This week, one of our own found himself in a position that he determined to be the end of his rope, and without warning, without explanation, without thought for how much those he was leaving behind would hurt, he ended things.

And I Just Don't Understand.

Tell can someone hang out with his group of friends on Monday night....not show a single sign of the thoughts he's having...and the next day pull the trigger on his life? How does something like that happen?

I understand loneliness. I understand fear. I understand "I just don't want to do this anymore!"

I even understand the thought of "what if."

What I don't understand is actually going so far as to find out.

God, I just don't understand....praying I never do.
(Please take a moment to lift up Jennifer, Mindy, and Billy as they don't understand either...and they are deeply impacted by the loss of their band geek...their friend....their lifer.)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This probably seems fairly minute to you, although to me it was a massive milestone. My facebook status changed from "single" to "in a relationship." (And yes, typing a sentence like that makes you feel like you're about 14.) I get that this is fast. But there really aren't words to adequately explain the "thing" that is happening in my life at the moment. Old School came back into my world

completely out of nowhere.

You have to understand...I've spent the last 18 months of my life desperately wanting to believe that Ex wasn't the greatest love story I would ever experience. I mean, really...THAT'S what I get to look back on as the "love of my life?" Are you freaking kidding me? It just seemed like such a waste! That's not to say that I didn't love Ex with my whole heart. I did! But when things ended the way they did, it just seemed like a waste of a really good story. Since the divorce, I've dated A LOT...and all of the guys were perfectly nice, and most of them were even perfectly normal. But none of them were perfectly RIGHT. There was never a time when I felt compelled to completely take myself "off the market" for fear that as soon as I did, the RIGHT GUY would come along.

So I never completely took myself "off the market."

And low and behold, the RIGHT GUY came along. I realize that's a bold statement. I realize that it's only been a week. But the truth is that it's been 20 years....and Old School is as much my FRIEND now as he was when we were 8. Except now, there's kissing involved. : )


So yesterday when he asked me a question that I first heard from his lips 20 years ago under the elementary school playground slide, "Will you be my girlfriend?" there was no hesitation. There was no fear. There was no reason to cash in the moment on the logic of "it's only been a week." As we have talked about our lives and pasts over these few days, the only thing that makes sense in all of it is that God was at work in all of the brokenness to bring us to this place. Neither of us have had it easy over the past few years. Neither of us understood the why's and how's, but no sooner had we downed a cup of coffee and a green made sense.

Is it too soon to call Forever? Maybe. Is it too soon to call it for real? Not even close. For the first time since my divorce, ever part of me is IN, and there is absolutely no fear.

And damn, that's a good feeling.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Soul Sister and I are on phase 1 of the South Beach Diet. This means that for the last two days I have eaten nothing but protein and veggies.

The good news is that I have lost 4 lbs since I started eating healthy a couple of weeks this diet thing seems to be working. Also good's easier to diet when you are constantly texting your teammate to dialogue about what the other one is ingesting.

The bad news is that I might actually murder someone in the next 24 hours for a piece of chocolate. No kidding....would actually use my dinner fork, and with little bits of tuna still clinging to the end of its prongs, I would be perfectly willing to impale whoever happens to be closest to me at the moment to get an M&M or a chocolate covered almond....just one. JUST. ONE.

Old School, who has recently set up residence on one end of my couch, may want to relocate to the safety of the far end of the living room until this little urge passes.

Just sayin'.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

How Rednecks say I Do

A few weeks back I received an invitation to a wedding. Normally, when one receives a wedding invitation an elaborate event is expected. But this time, I knew things would be different. This was the wedding of a man and woman in their 50's....the same man and woman home repair team that I met shortly after buying my "new" old house. For the last 9 years, they have worked side by side, repairing toilets, laying tile, fixing electrical mishaps, and painting ceilings....and in the last year they have done all of the aforementioned repairs in my humble home.

This couple is absolutely precious to me. They were the first people that I met after setting out "on my own" after the divorce. They immediately became "my people," and while they worked on the vast number of repairs needed in my home, I cooked them dinner and bought them beer. I fell in love with them almost instantly....but they fell in love with each other many years earlier. As I observed them in my home, I witnessed a kind of love that is rare in our society. They weren't just lovers. They weren't just co-workers. They were best friends....and it never mattered if they were painting a wall or repairing a toilet...they did it with laughter. Their love and respect was obvious at every turn of the wrench, and many times over the last few months I have listened to them love each other with their laughter....with a "baby, can you hand me that hammer" kind of respect. And instantly, I wanted what they had.

Today, they got married. It had been a long time coming...something that they both just kept putting in the corner, because they knew they'd be together forever, so what difference did a piece of paper make? But at the urging of their families, and with the realization that they wanted to be as "together" as they possibly could, they printed up wedding invitations and their love landed in my mailbox, complete with an RSVP card.

B and D are rough. They are beer drinking, paint smeared, simple life kind of people. No frills. No airs. No extras. They are just them....and both separately and together they are perfectly imperfect. Knowing this about them led me to the conclusion that their outdoor wedding would be "interesting." And it was.

Today, with Old School (the elementary school boyfriend from the past) by my side, I found myself in their back yard. Chairs were set up. Beer was iced down. And every detail of the wedding was about as redneck as could be. The "gift table" was the cover on the hot tub. The "music" was a local country station blaring from their large red and black Budweiser radio. And the guests were scattered about, popping the tops on their Bud lights and bumming cigarettes from each other. They milled about until a lady in a leopard print top hollered that "the bride is a comin and ya'll need to stand up!"

Then a guy with a guitar began to play, and the wedding party marched down the aisle, complete with a "I DON'T WANNA" courtesy of the flower girl. The bride and groom stood side by side, the air filled with the aroma of beer and cigarette smoke, and for a moment I was distracted from the event by the overwhelming backwoods simplicity of it all.

Then I caught them smiling at one another, and I realized that that is what love is all about. It's not about putting on airs, creating an atmosphere, or making a show. B and D get it. They know that love is surprisingly simple. It's smiling and laughing over toilets. It's prefacing a favor with "baby." And apparently, it's walking down the aisle in a white ruffled dress through a cloud of cigarette smoke towards the one person that desperately wants to be your teammate for every minute that he has left in life.

I've learned a lot from these precious newlyweds. They have taught me how to caulk a a toilet....change an electrical outlet....identify the source of a plumbing leak....

and perhaps most importantly that love isn't so much about the party...

it's about showing up laughing.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Fatty Friday...with a really Awesome story attached!

So... a quick Fatty Friday update. I'm still eating twigs and berries....and the scale is actually starting to reflect my recent rabbit-esque behavior. So, yay me! I need to get back into a workout routine so that my energy level will be boosted some more, but I'm still having a hard time finding the motivation. However, I am jug chugging green tea and water, so hopefully I'll continue to make some progress in my quest for personal health. My energy level is way up compared to before I started this process...and sadly, I have not had a chicken burrito in over 2 weeks. I'm sure they are missing me at the ol Chick Fil A. In fact, I heard a rumor that they aren't even letting people in the building now unless they are donning a black arm band in memory of "The Chicken Burrito Girl."

And now....for a really awesome story......

It's no secret to anyone that my dating life This is both exciting and frustrating, but more commonly the latter. I spend a lot of time going out with "really wonderful guys" who I just don't really feel quite right about. There's really no reason for this gut feeling except that I guess the timing has been off and I've been very picky about what I'm looking for. And as I mentioned in an earlier post, I've become the Online Dating Queen of the South.

So a good while back Super Man mentioned that he was using a website called Plenty Of Fish dot com. It's a free online dating site, and he said he'd met a few people that way. So, as is my motto these days, I threw up an old "What the hell!" and signed up. Because the website is free, I was prepared to be bombarded with pure crap in my inbox, so I used my google email address which I use for nothing else but this blog, and I started checking the inbox. However, just as I had assumed there would be...there was nothing but crap. So I stopped checking the email address completely, but I couldn't figure out how to disable my profile, so I just left it alone. Then, this week, I ate dinner with Super Man, who had started dating a girl that he met on this website. It reminded me that I was probably still getting random crappy emails and I decided to check the email address the next day.

There were a ton of emails from the website, most of which were nothing more than invitations for some physical fun. But after getting friendly with my delete button, I opened an email that was sent two days prior. It was actually an email with real substance and decent grammar! Jackpot! AND...the guy was really good looking! BONUS! I didn't have a lot of time right then, but I didn't want this good looking, good grammar typing guy to think I wasn't going to respond. And since you can see when someone has read your message, I decided to send a very quick email back letting him know that I liked his email and would type more soon.

Then, on a whim, I took an extra minute to check out his profile in more detail. I clicked on his picture which opened up his profile. The guy was 5'4". I immediately thought, "Oh great....he's 2 inches shorter than me. Lovely."

AND THEN IT HIT ME LIKE A TON OF BRICKS....I looked at his picture again, looked at his screen name....flashed back to bits of his email...he had been in the marines...and he graduated school in the town that I now live in.....


So I hit the reply button again and sent a message expressing that I was completely shocked and told him who I was and that I would love to catch up with him!

About an hour later I had a reply with a subject line that read "I AM BEYOND SPEECHLESS!!!!!"

And just to give you a bit more background....
He was my "first love" much as you can be when you're 8. We were best friends through elementary school, but he moved away in the 6th grade. When he got ready to join the marines when we were around 20, he randomly hunted my parents' address down and showed up at my doorstep one day. We sat on the front porch and he told me that he was getting ready to leave for boot camp and he just really wanted to talk to me again before he left. Then, 5 years later...just after I got married....he walked in the door of the beauty shop while I was getting my hair cut. We chit chatted and he gave me his number and said he'd love to catch up. But I told him I was married, and I never called him.

And then, out of the millions of people on that website, he randomly sends "some girl" an email....and as it turns out..."some girl" was me! He said he knew I looked familiar, but it never occurred to him that it was me. I'm living in a different area now, and the last he heard I was happily married and he just assumed I was living a white picket fence life with the whole husband and kids package!

So that night, we talked on the phone and he invited me out to coffee....and we sat on the patio of Starbucks until 2AM catching up and being completely in awe of the entire situation. As we reviewed all of our history over the years, he admitted that he walked out of the beauty shop that day completely heartbroken that I was married. And since it never occurred to him that I would end up divorced (yeah...caught me off guard too!) he never tried to contact me again.

But now here we are....catching up....drinking coffee.....and going out this weekend. : )

Let's all just stop for a moment and give God kudos for writing a week worth remembering.

Good surprise, God!


Monday, May 4, 2009

The Blog That Should Have Been Broken Down Into Three Other Blogs...but wasn't.

So I spent a week thinking my internet was down. Since I "borrow" internet service from "someone" in my neighborhood....(praying for forgiveness)....I didn't think I had much control over this little debacle.

And then I went out of town this weekend...more on that in a minute....and my internet wouldn't work there either. Hmmm. Dilemma. At this point I made the BRILLIANT conclusion that it was a problem with my computer that was keeping me from my daily blog addiction and not actually "my" internet connection.

Upon getting home from work tonight I opened the yellow pages, dialed the number to a computer repair place, and began to describe the problem.

Me: My internet won't connect. I'm pretty sure it's a problem with my computer. It wouldn't work in a couple of different locations.

Computer Fixer Guy: Are there any other problems with your computer?

Me: No. Just this one.

Computer Fixer Guy: And you have wireless internet service?

Me: ( to say it without ACTUALLY saying it....) Uh....yeah? Sort of.

Computer Fixer Guy: So you're piggybacking?

Me: (shameful....) Well....not at the moment.

Computer Fixer Guy: Is your wireless card all the way in your computer?

Me: (without looking) Of course! (looking)....oh's not. (Plugging the wireless card ALL THE WAY IN THE COMPUTER...)'s working now. Thanks for your help.

Computer Fixer Guy: No problem.

Me: obviously.

So yeah....I totally just deprived you all of my blog, because I'm a big enough idiot to not check to see if my wireless card is ALL THE WAY IN THE COMPUTER. The REALLY sad part about that is that it took being on the phone with a professional in order to bring that little fact to light. There should be a law for people like me to be required to have a giant warning sign enter the room 5 minutes before I do. It's only fair to give people a head start.....

Anyway....update #1 The New Job!
Today started my second week at my new job. So far, I'm really excited about the possibilities. I had a few moments of stress, but on the whole I think I've done really well, and my boss is very pleased with my performance. I've been able to set up some cracker jack marketing programs in the community, so as of right now, I'm calling success on the job situation. However, the new boss is VERY high strung, and some of my new co-workers seem to be at their wits' end. So far I haven't been subjected to the wrong end of one of his fits, but I'm sure my time is coming. Between now and then, I'm enjoying my new position and I officially no longer feel like my spirit is dying every time I walk in the front door of my place of employment.

Also....I don't know if I mentioned details on the new job...but I'm doing marketing and financial management for a chiropractor. My boss has very high expectations of me, but the good thing is I get free adjustments! On Friday, I believe he successfully cracked every joint in my body....

...full range of motion how I've missed you!
Update #2 Fatty Friday Volume 4
I haven't weighed myself since Fatty Friday Volume 2, and I'm not going to go do so at this moment either...partly because I only weigh myself naked and right after an early morning pee...and partly because I ate unusual food over the weekend (see update #3) and I doubt I've lost a single pound. However, my fridge is stocked with fruits and veggies, and I have successfully cut aspartame, refined sugar, and "white stuff" from my diet. I am eating things like fresh mozzarella, turkey, and basil on wasa crackers, greek yogurt with raspberries, and I'm drinking the dickens (that's a technical term) out of some green tea.
And let's just let the record show, that if I eat like this for 6 weeks straight and don't lose a single pound, you might just find yourself reading a blog about what happened when I slit my wrists with a wasa cracker.
AND....drum roll please.....
Update #3 The Road Trip
I have been itching to take a road trip for a while now. It's been a year since I left the state, and I was way overdue for a vacation! This, however, was going to be a different type of trip for me. I was taking E, my little travel buddy, with me! Through the power of Facebook I reconnected with an old friend, and we began discussing the idea of meeting "halfway" in Louisville for the weekend. I wanted to take E to the zoo...a better zoo than the one here...that didn't even have giraffes or lions when we went....and he wanted to see me and meet my baby boy. It seemed like a win win all the way around. However, about 2 weeks ago I began looking for a hotel...and nothing was available....and if it was available it was $300 a night....for the Holiday Inn. True Story. This is the point in the road trip planning where we realized that our Louisville Road Trip was planned for the same weekend as the Kentucky Derby.
The options for the trip were quickly changed to "camp out in the back of my xterra" or "change the destination." And since I can't plug my hair dryer with diffuser attachment into my xterra, we opted to change the destination.
"Why don't you just come here?" he said. "We have a zoo."
So instead of a road trip to Louisville, E and I went on a road trip to Cincinnati. We hopped in the car, and E was out cold before I got on the interstate. He was asleep for two and a half hours...the perfect little travel partner! The trip itself was pretty uneventful. We stayed at a hotel outside of Cincinnati, because my friend (who, by the way, I'm resisting the urge to blogger name "Boner"'s probably not what you think....but it's fun to let you wonder...) had a memorial service to go to on Saturday, and I didn't want to overwhelm him with our visit.
We arrived at the hotel without incident, and after checking in, I gave E his first lesson on elevator buttons. He pushed them like a pro, and every time we went anywhere he looked at me with sheer joy on his face and said, "I push the buttons?!?!" And of course, I let him every time.
So Friday night, Boner (yeah....I can't resist an opportunity like that...) came to the hotel to get us, and we went out to dinner. He wanted us to experience a meal that "you can't get back home" so we went for Indian Food. I've never really eaten Indian Food, and being only two years old...neither has E. I wasn't even sure how to order...but Boner explained to me that you just select the meat, the bread, and the level of spiciness from 1-10. He ordered a 6. I wanted to go "bland", so the meal wouldn't be too spicy for E, so I got a three. My chicken came, I took one bite, and I felt like sparks must have been shooting from my ears! There was an aftershock of spiciness that was completely fire was bursting up through my sinuses trying to escape through my tear ducts. TOO SPICY. WAY TOO SPICY FOR A TWO YEAR OLD. I grabbed my water glass trying to douse the flames creeping through my nasal cavity. At this point tears are streaming down my face....MENTAL NOTE.....NEXT TIME DO NOT ORDER A THREE....ORDER A ZERO. ZERO. Got it, White Girl???
I set down my water glass and finally looked over at E, trying to figure out what I would feed him. Obviously if I couldn't handle this then he couldn't deal wi....oh wait....what's he doing? Eating the chicken from my plate? The spicy, singe the hair out of your nose chicken? The chicken that his mommy is too wussy to eat? THAT CHICKEN? And smiling? Seriously?
Yes. Seriously. My two year old can officially eat spicier food than me. And I sort of felt defensive about it. I sort of felt like getting right up in his little spicy chicken eating grill and being all like, "Oh yeah....well guess who's NOT getting to push the buttons when we get back to the hotel! What do you think of that, tough guy?!?!"
Anyway, Boner spent the rest of the evening showing us around Cincinnati, and the next day, E and I loaded up and went to the zoo...which had both giraffes and lions. They even had penguins, which E watched swim for a good 30 minutes. There were rhinos, flamingos, cheetahs, elephants, gorillas, meerkats, polar bears, tigers, baboons....and we got to see them all.
Yesterday, on the way back home, I asked E what his favorite part of the trip was. I expected some general toddler speak about feeding the giraffes or watching the penguins play on the rock and dive into the water. I expected an excited response about one of the many beautiful animals that God created. That was what I expected....but what I got was, "I push the buttons!!!!"
And there you have it, folks. It's the simple things in life. It's a new job that doesn't make you feel dead inside. It's eating all natural foods, because it's the better choice. It's catching up with an old friend. It's pushing the buttons on the elevator.....and by God....
It's having a wireless card that is PUSHED ALL THE WAY IN!
I realize that it's only been a week....but it's really good to be back! : )

I'm still alive

but not well..

My computer is down at home, and blogging at my new job is a little taboo....

so I just stopped by to say hopefully I will BE BACK VERY SOON! I MISS MY BLOG!