Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You're Invited...

Hello Stress...

Let me just start out by saying that rarely do things in my life ever go according to plan. Period.

This weekend we found out that OS's brother is getting deployed in early October, and since he and OS are pretty tight, we really didn't want him and his new wife to miss the wedding, which was originally scheduled for October 10th.

We chose the date of October 10th for several reasons. First and foremost, 10/10 is easy to remember, and I figured it upped my chances of getting anniversary presents in the future. It IS all about me, after all. Also, that weekend was the break in between my two fall sessions of class, (again...me, me, me) and the weather here in October is usually pretty mild. OS has always wanted to get married on his grandfather's farm (Oh, score one for OS!), and we figured the fall foliage would be a beautiful setting....so 10/10 it was!

However, after we realized that his brother wouldn't be able to come we quickly threw the date out the window and decided to move things up a couple of weeks, so he could come. This is what happened when that ball started rolling....

OS on the phone to his mom: How about September 26th?

Mommy In Law: That sounds good. He can come then.

OS on the phone to the photographer (Who we have paid and signed a contract with.): We need to change the date for the wedding.

Photographer: No problem! When?

OS: the 26th.

Photographer: Problem. I'm booked that day. I'm also not available the 12th. Any other date is good though.

OS on the phone to MIL: 26th is a no go. How about the 19th?

MIL: The 19th is fine here. Check with your grandfather about the farm.

OS on the phone to Grandfather: We can't do the 10th...how about the 19th?

Grandfather: We can't have it here on the 19th...we're having our 50th high school reunion...been planned for months. Any other date is fine.

OS to me: Ok...October is out. The 26th, 19th, and 12th of September are out. How about the 5th?

Me: That's a month from now! And it's Labor Day....but I'll check with the photographer.

Me on the phone to the Photographer: Can you do the wedding on the 5th (crossing fingers) even though it's Labor Day?

Photographer: Sure! I'm happy to! (I love her by the way.)

Me to OS: We can do the 5th...everyone is free....RING RING RING (this is OS's phone ringing...)

MIL on the phone to OS: We can't do the 5th....that's when we're going to Florida to see the new grandbaby....

OS to me: Courthouse???

Me: That's sounding better all the time!


OS the next day: Want to marry me in three weeks? On August 29th? In the sweltering heat....outside....on the farm....with my brother and the photographer there....and a bunch of bugs probably???? Wanna????


SO......we're getting married in less than three weeks!!!! The rest of the weekend was a blur...there was a phone call to a friend that sounded something like, "Hey...how are you...oh that's good...listen, I need about 60 wedding invitations...don't care what they look like...and by the way I need them done tonight so I can come get them and mail them out this week." And in true friend for life fashion she said, "You got it, sister!" Invitations are in the mail. Then I called the friend that is doing alterations to my dress and said, "Listen, no pressure, but the wedding is in three weeks...can you rush my dress?" And she said, "No problem. Want to come for a final fitting next weekend?" Dress, CHECK. Then, OS and I ran through Target with a scanner gun and registered. I had to restrain my future husband as we walked past the big screen tv's...."No honey, no one loves us enough to buy us a big screen for a wedding present....PUT. THE. GUN. DOWN. Towels.....Towels and tupperware...that's what people buy." And we even drove up to the farm last night at 5:30...the same time the wedding will be...and realized we'll have a nice shady spot to get married in.

We're taking bets on the number of people that suspect a pregnancy is the reason for the quick nuptials...but it's not. We just want those that we love to be around us as we begin this journey together. I honestly couldn't be happier!

And if any of you are in the Nashville area on August 29th, grab your bug spray and head to the big hill on the farm....there will be love there.


Anonymous said...

There's no point in taking bets on the number of people who assumed you're pregnant. That number is the same as the number of people you've told about moving the wedding. All of them. Every single one. Count on it. :)


Jen said...

So incredibly happy for you! I'll be there in spirit.

Lora said...

FUN! and WOW!

(I may come. Fighting bugs on the hill sounds fun!)

HappyascanB said...

Well, you've certainly had your share of wedding stress, huh?!?!? Sounds like most things are settled down and y'all are set, so that's awesome! Congrats!!!