Friday, October 10, 2008

Averting Disaster....

So yesterday I'm at my former in-laws house picking up my little boy. I do this every Thursday. I'm still very close to Brandon's dad and step mom and consider his step mom a very good friend. We talk about EVERYTHING, and she hasn't let the divorce get in the way of our relationship at all. So when I pick Evan up from her, I usually sit around and talk for a good while. Last night was no exception.

I knew that my ex was going to be coming over to watch a movie with his dad. This wasn't really a big deal for me. I see him usually at least once a week, and we're on extremely good terms. We are actually still the best of friends. However, I haven't seen his girlfriend since before we seperated. This is the girl who he had a very inappropriate relationship with during our marriage and who he is now dating. There is still a lot of pain attached to the two of them in my past, and while I'm happy now, it's still hard to accept the lack of respect that occurred over the last few years.

I was standing in the kitchen talking to Beth when I saw Brandon's truck pull in the driveway. It immediately hit me like a ton of bricks that she was with him. I don't know how I knew...I didn't see her in the car, and no one knew she was coming...but there they were. I'm guessing as soon as they saw my car in the driveway they freaked out in the driveway much like I was freaking out in the kitchen. Could I run out the front door? Could I hide upstairs? How was I going to slip away, collect my child, and get the heck out of dodge without having to face "THE FIRST MEETING." I just wasn't prepared or ready to see her. I didn't know how I would react or what I might say. I'd love to say I'd act perfectly's no big deal. We've both moved on. But in all honesty, I'm not sure I have that kind of strength.

Just as I was about to have a panic attack over what to do, I saw Brandon's truck pull out of the driveway and head off into the distance. Apparently they weren't ready for "THE FIRST MEETING" either! So I went outside and took Evan from a panic strickin father in law. He tried to pretend like she wasn't with him and Brandon just had to run home....but the sweat on his brow told the truth...and he finally cracked and admitted how nervous he was! I got in the car, drove down the driveway and called my ex....

"It's can turn around."

"No, wasn't about that."

"Yeah, nice try. Turn around and go back....have a good night."


Disaster averted.

Dear Lord,
Prepare my heart for "THE FIRST MEETING." Help me to see this woman as you see her...with love and acceptance and forgiveness. Give me strength to handle this situation with grace, and give me a willing spirit to bring peace to the table.

And Lord....if at all possible....make "THE FIRST MEETING" happen in a place where there are no blunt objects or sharp pointy sticks...just to be on the safe side.

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Jen said...

Wow, that must have been really nerve wracking. I hope that your prayers are answered RE: the first meeting . . . especially the part about no weapons being present. ;-)