Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm Engaged!!!!

The heading of my blog, just under Grace. Gets. Greater, reads "where second chances and God's Grace collide, there you will find me."

What it doesn't say, is "there" you will also find him....but it should. Because now, we are officially doing life together....the kind of together that involves a ring, big day discussions, and the dream of pissing each other off when we're old and gray!

OS asked me to marry him...to be his wife....to be his teammate...and I said yes through the happiest tears I've ever had ooze from my face. There will be a blog coming up with all of the details and sappiness....but for now....

Dear Lord,
When you said You knew the plans you had for me, you never mentioned that they would be the flavor of amazing that I wasn't even sure it was ok to dream about. When you told me that everything would be ok, you never mentioned that it would be SO.MUCH.BETTER than ok. When you said that the valley of weeping would turn into pools of blessing, you never mentioned that it would quench my thirst in this all consuming way that it has. When you said you loved me....I didn't quite understand that it meant you wanted to see me happy.

Thank you, Lord, for answering prayers that I have prayed since I was a little girl. Your perfect timing, until now, seemed like it was taking forever...but now I know why. When everything seemed so chaotic and out of control, I had no idea where you were taking me. But Lord, I'd do it all again to be in the midst of this blessing that I'm in right now.

Thank you for the most perfectly imperfect man that I could ever have dreamed up for myself. Thank you for his laugh, for his humor, for his wit. Thank you for his charm, his affection, and his depth. Thank you for his passion for doing life better, his zeal for making things matter, and his heart with all of its hopes and scars.

Thank you for bringing him back into my life at THE PERFECT TIME, in THE PERFECT WAY, so that the only thing we could know for sure is that we had NOTHING to do with it, and you...EVERYTHING. Thank you, Lord, for the delicate, merciful intersection between grace and second chances....because that is where we found each other.

And for that, I praise you.


Jen said...

I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT YOU POSTED THIS BEFORE CALLING ME TO TELL ME!!! I feel so slighted. But, I guess I'll get over it. You must, however, call me ASAP in order to redeem yourself.


Cassie said...

Congrats!!! What amazing news!! I cant wait to here all about the wedding planning :)

Nelle said...

OMG, congrats!!!!!

I can't tell you how incredibly your posts have been to me. God's timing is amazing!

Lora said...

I'm late to the party, although I read this when you posted. My cell phone supports google reader but not commenting--boo.

Congratulations a million times over. You deserve this love story :)

Jaycee said...




I haven't been on blogger in quite a while. I guess this will teach me to stay away! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HappyascanB said...

Congrats! I've been on vacation with no internet, so I'm just now readin this. And I'm so happy for you! Love the prayer. Awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel horrible I didn't see this sooner!