Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Love Affair

I grew up in a household with two self employed parents. When February rolled around every year, we knew not to talk, look at, or even breathe in the general direction of my father when he was working on tax stuff. You learned real quick that the end result would be plain old ugly.

And I doubt my parents will approve. In fact, they will likely disown me for admitting my true feelings for the one for which they hold such disdain. But I can no longer hide it...I don't care what my parents say....I must shout it recklessly from the rooftops.....

Question: When is it a good thing to be a divorced working mother with a mortgage and hefty school tuition payments? When I ask you???
Answer: TAX TIME BABY!!!
Yes...I just spent the most amazing lunch hour I ever had with an elderly gentleman at the tax place. His name was Richard. And at the end of the hour...I fell in love with the division of government that Elderly Richard represents...the IRS. It may just be the love affair to end all love affairs, as I am truly enamored.
The Medic may need to step it up a notch. : )

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Elizabeth said...

Just wait 'til you check your bank account and the money is there!