Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's Raining Men...Hallelujah...It's Raining Men....

Dating since my divorce has been quite the little roller coaster. There were times where I got the butterflies and wanted the ride to go faster. And there were times when I pretty much just felt like throwing up the sum total of the day’s junk food and cheesy romantic one liners. On the whole I’ve met some really great guys. But the process has been exhausting.

My parents didn’t really understand why I wanted to jump back into dating. And quite honestly neither did my therapist. (I stopped seeing her when I realized I could save the $70 an hour and get the same gentle judgment from the raised eyebrows of my mother….hi mom!)

Anyway…dating has been interesting. I never really dated much in high school or college. I usually found out about a guy liking me after he was married to someone else or had turned gay. Either way…not much help for the dating life. And when Ex came along, we dove in head first with nary a thought for whether or not it made sense…which is in part why I refer to him as “Ex” and not “Sweet Husband O Mine”. And since I have been single again, I have gone through various phases of “dating” that have oscillated wildly from “get back on the horse” to “beat the dead horse with a really girthy stick.” I’m told that somewhere in between the two is a healthy place…but I don’t recall ever having been on a date there.

I did however go on a date or dates with the following:

The Rebound
The Guy Who Talked About Trees for Two Hours
The Really Nice Guy Who I Really Didn’t Want to Ever Touch Me. EVER.
The Really Really Short Guy Who Looked Like George Bush
The Bad Boy…there were fireworks AND 2nd degree burns.
Super Man…(he sent me flowers and loved the fact that I was “a challenge”)
The Fix Up Guy…at least the movie was good.
The Man Who Knows Where He Was When Kennedy Was Shot
Mr Right???…totally got food poisoning on the date…but it was nice to be taken care of for a little while.
Super Man…again…yeah…I totally believe in recycling.

And while most of these guys have uneventfully fallen out of my life, there were lessons learned, a few semi-wild oats to be sewn, and a new me to uncover. And the journey, while somewhat exhausting at times, has been good for my guts.

And to Mr. Right and Super Man (because I KNOW you two still read this thing…)

The flowers, the toilet, and the unending supply of diet coke were much appreciated. But the part that I’ll take with me is the fact that you were there when I realized just how worth it I really am.

"I'm Sorry" may never be enough.
THANK YOU doesn’t even begin to cover it.


Mandy Guss said...

The part describing the different men you've gone out with made me laugh out loud. I especially like the one that talked about trees for 2 hours. That's impressive!

Super Man said...

Whether you saw it in yourself or not, you were ALWAYS worth it.

And if I might offer a little more 'recycled' insight from the opposite perspective:

Amy said...

Okay...I need to know why I never heard about George Bush, or the guy who talked about trees. Those are definitely worthy of a good story!