Tuesday, January 20, 2009

For Martin (and the finger pointers)

I recently noticed that I have a new critic. I’m sure he is not my first, and I’d bet a 6-pack of deliciously, thirst-quenching Diet Coke that he won’t be my last. However, Martin is the first to publicly critique my blog…and me. Therefore, he holds a special place in the Blogdom, and thus deserves a special note from the Queen of this particular Blogdom….little old me.

My Dear Martin,
I do not know who you are or what your beef is. However, you seem very content to offer judgement on my personal ramblings and have obviously taken personal offense at how very un-Christian I am in some of my thoughts.

You appear to have misunderstood my claim as a Christian to be a claim of perfection.

Let me take some stress off of you by being the FIRST to admit that I am not perfect. In fact, (and this is a little secret that I will offer free of charge to you and any of your cohorts who are frustrated with hypocritical Christians,) by claiming that you are a Christian, you are openly admitting to the world that you are HORRIBLY imperfect and in need of Christ’s redeeming grace.

You see, My Martin, Christianity is not about being perfect, or having holy thoughts, or being more deserving of Heaven than the next guy. The very essence of being a Christian is about realizing that you are in fact, massively flawed, filled with impure and hateful thoughts, and that you don’t deserve to lick the molecules of dust from the flip-flop of Christ, let alone share a spot next to Him in Heaven.

I never claimed to be deserving of the sacrifice that Christ made for me…and if you read my blog long enough you will understand that I never will. I am not any better than the next guy, any more likely to tell the truth, to act in love, to speak with wisdom, or to be any more compassionate. I am, in essence, a flawed human being. True story.

I am a Christian by the simple fact that I realize the depth of my sin, and thus, I realize my desperate need for a Grace-giving Savior. I am a work in progress….and My Martin…let's be honest...

I need a lot of work.

Thank God, the Grace Gets Greater.

The Queen of this Particular Blogdom


Jen said...

Preach it, sister!

Martin said...

People like you give Christianity a bad name. Going to church on Sundays and reading the bible does not give you a free pass to be a bitch. I won't read your blog anymore- no need to address a post to me.

This is me. said...

I find it very disturbing that someone whose identity is a complete mystery to me thinks that I have enough time, energy, or impact to give the entire Christian faith a bad name.

God bless Martin and the finger pointers. Amen.

Amy said...

Who's giving out free passes to be a bitch?! :) I want one!

Julie said...

yes, i want a free bitch pass as well!! :)