Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Because I'm kind of a dork....

I'd like to welcome Beloved Benevolence to my blog! She is officially the first "Follower" of my blog who I have never met!

Beloved, if you are still following, thanks! You have managed to make me feel wildly popular...all by just being interested in my random ramblings!

If anyone else wants to be a "Follower" I'll send a shout out to you too. Yes....I'm that much of a dork.

It's good to be self-aware. : )


Beloved Benevolence said...

Wow, it's funny how almost 10 years of not seeing each other makes us strangers. I have relocated from White House and after many miles (and cities), I have finally found a home here in Mississippi. You have some inspirational blogs, and I enjoy seeing people who have made the best out of some not so good situations. You are also a very good writer. I am actually Jennifer (Sanders) Byers. Remember those band camps?!? It's good to see you doing well!

GraceGetsGreater said...

Oh wow! Hey! I didn't realize that was you! I'm slightly disappointed that you're not someone from a far off land that I've never met...but I'm still glad you're following my blog! Glad you are doing well!!!