Monday, January 26, 2009

The Lather Lady

I have a new hobby.

A friend of mine recently came for a quick visit, and she educated me on how to make my own laundry detergent. It was a fairly simple process, and I enjoyed it so much that I naturally decided that I needed to learn to make my own SOMETHING ELSE!

So I did what any calm, rational person would do. I hopped on the internet and ordered a bulk shipment of caustic lye and essential oils.

True Story.

Then, I roped a friend from work into being my cohort.

It's soap making time baby!

It was a neat little experiment. I felt like a mad scientist with my little safety goggles and my hazardous lye solution. Above is a photo of "The Virgin Batch." It is a little pinker than I intended...and even though I dumped a lot of Strawberries and Cream fragrance oil in still smells a little on the watermelon side of things. But I used a bar the other night, and it didn't burn my skin off. And really...what more could you possibly want?!?!

I feel a craft fair coming on!

(Hey...gotta do something. I have 12 bars of Watermelon scented Strawberries and Cream Soap to get rid of!)


amberlee said...

Random question, Sara... where did you find essential oils online? I have had a hard time finding the scents I want. I'm making my own oil for Bree's hair and I want to add a few drops of e.o. to make it smell pretty!

Sara said...

Google Wellington Fragrance Co.

The Lavendar E.O. will cover just about any smell...and I think Jojoba Oil is supposed to be really conditioning. I'm making a Mango Butter body bar's supposed to be ultra may be good for the twins' skin. I'll send you a bar.