Monday, January 26, 2009

Super Girl!

This is me working out.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of my upside down spread on the aerial triangle. as this may be...I can only find time to get my smooshy butt to class once a week.... tomorrow I'm getting up at 6AM to go running.

Stay Tuned.


Robyn said...

Ha! He doesn't wear a bow tie!

I am telling myself I'm going to start getting up at 6 and workng out . . . tomorrow! : )

Jen said...

Is that really you? Because I'm a little scared right now.

Sara said...

Yes, it's me. But it's in my pole aerobics class...not a strip club or anything like that. : )

Jen said...

So I just showed this picture to Topher and he said, "Look at the definition in her legs! She could kick my ass!" Just thought you'd like to know.

Sara said...

LOL...that's awesome! The class has been really good for me! It's given me a great boost of confidence. But my schedule isn't allowing much time to actually go these days...if I can figure out a way to put a pole in my garage without making my neighbors think I'm running a brothel I might do it!