Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pack Your Bags for My Ego Trip

Today a couple of things happened that made me feel really good about myself. And since I'm so modest and all (wink, wink) I decided to share.

1. I was having a text conversation with the Ex. We were just chit chatting and mainly catching up on life. We don't do this too often, but lately there have been more friendly exchanges happening between us. The conversation turned to his new baby on the way, and because he has been stressed about money (let's face it...these days, who isn't?!?!) I said,

"I still have some baby stuff that I can give you. I don't think I'm going to need it for a long while. So maybe that will help."

Him: "Wow. Thanks! It will!"

Me: "Yeah..that's what I'm here for!"

Him: "No...that's what makes you special."

Now, I've got to's a lot easier to be divorced from him when he's being a COMPLETE BUTT...but this version of him is kind of nice to run into every now and then! I'm also going to go out on a limb and pat us both on the back for being so good at this divorce thing. We've definitely had our moments...I mean, there was that time he got mad at me for taking E to get a haircut without consulting he shaved his head. THAT could have been handled differently. And, I do believe that back in the day, I MAY have blurted out with sheer venom, "I HATE YOU! AND I WILL NEVER EAT PAPA JOHNS PIZZA AGAIN! (I guess I should mention that he owns a Papa John's...but let's face really is good pizza.)

Anyway...all that to say I think, for the most part, that we've handled ourselves much better than about 95% of people in our same situation. I'm sure there are plenty more hurdles and hoops to be prepared for...but if we don't hate each other by now, I think we're in the clear. ego was already a little inflated for the day.

Then, after I picked E up from my former in-laws house, I really wanted hibachi from the local mom and pop restaurant in their town. Since I've moved to a new city, I haven't eaten there, and it's SO. GOOD. So I called in my order before leaving their house and headed out in pursuit of yummy steak and shrimp hibachi goodness.

The owner of the restaurant is a small Asian man who knows everyone and remembers everything. I worked with him on his advertising about 4 years ago, and he knows my name and everything about me! However, I haven't seen him in over a year, and when he saw me he literally did a double take!

I guess at this point I should tell you that since my divorce I have cleaned up quite a bit. I lost a good bit of weight, and found my smile...and that's a combination with the power to make quite a difference. I'm no supermodel...but I look (and FEEL) about 10 million times better than I did when I was married.

When Jack, the owner of the restaurant, saw me he stopped me in the middle of the dining room, with customers watching us, and said, "You look WONDERFUL!" We spent the next few minutes catching up. He asked me if I was married again, and when I said no he said confidently, "No time at all." Then, when he passed me my bag of food he made two "OK" signs with his hands and said, "You look perfect."

And even though he's a small, married, middle-aged, Asian man who smells like he has hibachi seeping from his pores...I kind of wanted to kiss him a little bit.

I got heartburn after I ate dinner tonight....but the trip was well worth it!


Lora said...

Thank goodness for those sweet middle-aged Asian men in all of our lives!

I'm glad you're feeling good today. Sounds like well-deserved goodness!

Elizabeth said...

A little compliment can go a long way. :)

Jen said...

Compliments are so wonderful, aren't they? And, by the way, you've always been drop dead gorgeous. Remember all those guys in Crusade falling all over themselves to get a date with you? Because I do. :-)

Amy said...

I love Jack! He's so right!

Sara said... guys are the greatest! I am blessed with amazing girlfriends. Thanks for pumping me up! I love you!!!