Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sweet Success!

Finally! After about 9 batches of "soap" that I have ultimately thrown in the garbage, I have found success!

I really think this batch is a winner. It's scented lightly with almond and warm vanilla sugar, and it has ground almonds in it for exfoliation. It lathers really well when you use it, and the almonds really add some serious scrubbing action. I also added some glycerin to the recipe, so it moisturizes more than your average bar of soap. It's an all vegetable recipe, and I'm thrilled that I finally found something that would work!

Since I don't believe in animal testing, I have been handing out bars to my friends. So far, no one has broken out in a rash or experienced burning or skin loss. So I think I can officially call success on this one.

However, The Medic has requested that I not leave the bars piled on a dinner plate on the kitchen counter. He said every time he walks in the kitchen he gets excited for a brief moment because he thinks that maybe I made fudge.


In related news, I have decided to spend more time on my other hobby as well...pole dancing. Since I can't make it to my class very often, and let's just face it...I'm not ever going to get my sorry butt out of bed early enough to run....I decided to put a pole in my garage so I could work out at my convenience. It arrived about a week ago, and I was able to install it by myself in a matter of minutes. So far it hasn't fallen down....but I did manage to fling myself off of it into a pile on top of my Christmas tree. I'm still in one piece though, so I think I'll stick with it for a while.

I really am quite the walking contradiction. How many divorced, Marriage and Family Therapy graduate students do you think you'll come across who really love Jesus and pole dance in their garage while their homemade soap is curing in the kitchen?

One is a lonely number, I tell you!

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