Monday, April 13, 2009

Dear Moment Monday

***Dear Moment Monday is a new weekly feature I've decided to include in my blog. It came to me the other day, when I was driving down the road and was struck by a memory that seemed to come out of nowhere. There are so many of those so on Monday's you'll get to read about them! Yay, you!****

Dear Moment,
This is the first, and only, time that this has ever happened to me. I'm sitting in the car, a passenger just enjoying the view. The radio is on. The destination is getting closer, and the anticipation is heavy. I'm looking out the window, and there is a navy blue Honda traveling parallel to the black explorer I'm riding in. Inside the navy blue Honda, there is a couple. They must be happy. The man is driving, and the woman, his wife I assume, is making eye contact with me. She's smiling and waving, and she's mouthing something to me. It takes me a minute to realize that yes, she's smiling and waving at me! What is she saying? I can't quite make it out. She mouths it again, this time moving her mouth slowly and deliberately so I can make out the word.

Moment, do you realize that I think of you and remember the feeling of accomplishment that I had experienced in the passing hours? Do you know that right now, in this black explorer, you are what defines me? Do you know that I waited for you and longed for you, and you're finally here? Do you know how much I wanted you? I'm filled with anticipation for what's to come. I'm ready to take on the world. I know that nothing will ever be the same. I know that there will be only good times ahead. I know...I just KNOW...that this is what it feels like to be at the beginning of forever.

I look at the woman in the navy blue honda again. She's so excited. She must be really happy to be so excited. She's still smiling and waving and mouthing that word at me.

That word is "Congratulations."

Because on the side of the black explorer, written in shoe polish, are the words, "Just Married."

Dear Moment,
It's a good thing I didn't know then what I know now. I may never have stepped out from behind the safety of the air bag.

But thanks for the memory just the same.


Jaycee said...

Wow. That was deep. Sorry that what should have been a happy memory is now a sad one. I love the new Dear Moment Monday idea!

Anonymous said...

I've been gone. I missed some stuff. Mostly I missed you!

GraceGetsGreater said...

Awwww....I love my blogger babes! You guys rock!