Thursday, April 2, 2009


Today, the sun is starting to peek out from behind the clouds. It's really pretty outside, and I'm loving that spring is starting to show its sweet face.

But in my head, the mood is drearily overcast. I can't seem to shake this funk. I blame it entirely on whatever Idiot came up with the idea of assigning value to paper and then exchanging said paper for goods and services.

If God hadn't made that idiot, then I wouldn't need a job. I also wouldn't be living in a day to day fog of dread over losing said job, thus being riddled with a deficit of said paper in which to purchase said goods and services.

In case you couldn't tell, I'm still in peril over my job situation. There are a couple of irons in the fire, so it's not hopeless, but in case you've been living under a rock for the past several months, the economy sucks, and it's not easy to make a career move right now. The thing about my situation is that I do have long term direction in my life. God very clearly instructed me to go back to school. In about two years, I will be ready to make a long term career move, so in the interim I just need something to get me by. You see, the mortgage company, for some unfathomable reason, insists that I send them money every month. So does the electric company. And the water department. And the people at Victoria's Secret. Rat bastards, all of them!

At any rate, I'm tired of my lack of job security translating into me being in a piss poor mood. My life is actually pretty great! I have good friends, my child is happy, healthy, and remarkably well adjusted (despite having complete loony toons for parents!), I am in no immediate danger of the powers that be coming to take away my house or my Victoria's Secret flat pocket linen pants, and last night, I enjoyed a wonderful dinner date with The HM, who is also planning to change the oil in my car...A. Because he knows how...and 2. Because he likes me. He didn't even give me a lecture when the subject of oil changes came up and he asked, "So when are you due for an oil change?" To which I replied, "Two thousand miles ago." So maybe, just maybe, I should stop being so "overcast" and start being all "sunshiny."

Nevertheless, I wish I had been around when all of this "money in exchange for goods and services" crap originally came up. I feel certain that I would have spoken up and said it was a bad idea. I feel certain that I would have demonstrated to the Idiot how such a system would inevitably lead to frustration across the board. Then I feel certain that I would have regaled him with stories about a single mom whose job is in she has been living off of yogurt for the past week...not because she likes yogurt....but simply because there were really good coupons in the paper and a buy one get one free special at the local Kroger...and because of His Idiocy, she is afraid to spend money on food she actually likes but has no coupon for.

Yeah....a horror story like that would have changed everything.


Amy said...

I love that you said "rat bastards!" You make me laugh...and that brings sunshine to my day!

Elle said...

What are you going back to school for?

Elle said...

That's awesome!! I looked into that when I was thinking of grad school - it sort of popped up as an option and I thought it'd be interesting! Do you like it so far?

Molly said...

Yeah, I hate when I feel "overcast" even though I know I have so much to be thankful for. Although it also is good because if someone never has down days, that is just not a good sign. Hope the sun's poking around!

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

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