Thursday, April 9, 2009

Goodbye "trawberry nuffins"

A couple of weeks ago I was in the store armed with my snazzy little photo album of coupons. Cake mix was on sale, so of course I bought cake mix(es). And because I'm a Cracker Jack Mama, I went home and baked cupcakes for E....ok....and because I was craving cake. Normally, I would have gravitated toward some variation of chocolatey goodness, but this time around the strawberry cake mix was calling my name.

I opted not to frost the cupcakes for two reasons.
A. Because two year olds make one big muck of a mess with frosting...
2. Because if I left the can of frosting in the fridge, I could eat random spoofuls of it whenever I wanted. Embarrassing? Yes. True? Yes.

So for the two days that followed the baking of the frostingless cupcakes, E toddled around the house going, "I want trawberry nuffin peeeeaaase!" And I must admit....I was quite a "nuffin" fan myself.
Sadly, those days are gone. I am turning over a nuffin-less leaf and stepping back on the low carb band wagon. I really don't need to lose a lot of weight, but I would definitely not be opposed to shedding about 10-15 lbs. Twice in my adult life I have hit the low-carb diet faithfully with fat seemingly melting off my body on each occassion. Now, however, I think my body is at a very comfortable weight that is easy for me to maintain with little to no effort. I doubt anyone would see me and think I was fat...but I'm not as trim and toned as I would like to be.
And since it's difficult for me to lose weight when I try to do it secretively, I'm telling all 3 or 4 of you that regularly read this thing..."I'm trying to lose weight!" I need some accountability. So tomorrow, you are cordially invited to the first edition of "Fatty Friday." I make no promises about what "Fatty Friday" will consist I haven't totally decided how much of myself I really want to put out there for the ends of the internet to point and laugh at....but there might be a before picture and a tear jerking story about how much I miss my morning Chick Fil A Chicken burrito. I're in actual pain over the sheer anticipation of it all. Try to contain yourself.
And if there's anyone out there who would like to join me in "Fatty Friday," feel free to hop on board the accountability train! I'm pretty sure dieting is more fun if you aren't doing it alone...."NUFFIN" TOPS UNITE!
Stay tuned for riveting stories about my fat. (God...this blog just gets better and better.)


Amy said...

I want in on Fatty Friday! I just started going back to the gym and could definitely use accountability!

Lora said...

I'm IN.
Maybe we could work in a hike or run before that coffee. Yes?

GraceGetsGreater said...

Lora, I love that idea! Let's start planning a date!